Sales Systems Roadmap / Development

A fundamental requirement of any fast growing sales organization is to drive efficiency and ramp to productivity for your sales force. Defining a strong systems infrastructure for scale will allow you to do exactly this. 

Through our Systems Roadmap and Development offering, we will audit and assess your current state systems infrastructure (which is typically your core CRM as well as any Sales 2.0 technologies developed on top) and provide our recommendations for setting up your systems architecture for short, medium and long term business requirements. 

Below are a few areas we typically cover in an engagement:

Current State Security Risks: When first developing your sales systems footprint, many companies rely on out of the box setup for their overall security architecture. The reality is, when you start to rapidly scale your sales team, poor security settings can become a costly mistake. SalesSource consultants can address this gap by doing a comprehensive security audit of your current sales systems. The areas of focus include reviewing visibility & accessibility settings, assessing when to refine your OWD (org wide default security settings), sharing rules, and general security posture for all supporting systems built/integrated on top of your CRM. 

Data Governance: Being thoughtful about your data governance processes is instrumental as you start to work with larger quantities of data in your CRM. Without having a sustainable governance framework in place, you can very quickly end up in a place where you have endless amounts of dirty data in system, metadata proliferation, and generally so much noise in your core systems of record that you are unable to derive value and insight. Our team will work with your internal sales operations function and insert best practices around managing and storing (logical accounts model) data so you can avoid these pitfalls.

Sales 2.0 Technology Stack: Once you have a strong core systems framework in place, there is value in developing a technology stack of sales tools that help your selling team become hyper-efficient in prospecting and closing business. We will work with your sales and sales operations teams to determine what your sales cycle looks like and then drive recommendations around sales prospecting, forecasting, and decision support tools that will best support your business needs.

CRM Administration / Support: While we try and focus on helping businesses build scalable systems, we recognize that there are instances where customers just need more technical bodies on the ground, helping with daily administration needs around their core systems. SalesSource leverages its bench of certified administrators to offer companies hourly CRM administration support to help manage and maintain the best practices we have implemented.

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