Analytics Roadmap 

In conjunction with building out a best practice systems framework, one of the typical requirements we see from customers is the need to then drive a strong analytics framework / cadence that is supported by highly accurate data sets. Having built out analytics functions in large enterprise organizations, we are well equipped to help your organization develop an analytics framework that can support many stakeholders. 

Below are a series of deliverables we typically consider in these engagements:

Day 1 Reporting: We will drive the development of a comprehensive deck based on automated reporting in system that essentially serves as a retrospective on the prior quarter (specifically bookings overview as well as pipeline dynamics) as well as predictive assessment of future quarter forecasts and any supporting analysis to drive bookings success.

QBR Framework and Analytics Support: This deliverable revolves around the build-out of a QBR template for your sales team that is more oriented around areas of support and training via enablement, rather than via a ‘data readout’.

BoD Level Reporting: Typically around week 4 of a quarter, there is a BoD level readout, with a detailed section around sales. This BoD framework is built from the review done at Day 1 Reporting, but is also supported by the feedback generated during QBRs. BoD level reporting tends to have a consistent core framework for Sales, however, depending on the output of a given quarter, it can be tuned to address specific themes of the business.

Operational Reporting: In addition to the reporting needs outlined above, there is also a need to develop operational reporting up and down the sales stack to support the weekly forecasting cadence, as well as daily opportunity / funnel management for individual contributors. The objective of this reporting is to provide end-to-end visibility into all the core KPIs of the sales function.

Weekly Senior Management Team Reporting: In order to effectively report the status of the sales function to the broader team, sales operations also develops a senior management team overview on a weekly cadence. We will help your organization develop this framework so that all relevant questions are answered for your management team, while ensuring that the focus of the sales team remains on execution

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